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tv   Niv Ellis  CSPAN  June 17, 2017 5:41am-5:48am EDT

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>> the first spending bill for 2018 for military construction and veterans affairs past committee on thursday with out approval of a topline budget in helping guide lawmakers for spending levels. for details, we speak with a capitol hill reporter. >> congress is facing a september 30 deadline to fund thete money to federal government. we are joined by reporter on capitol hill. what are some of the biggest fights we will see when it comes to the budget? >> the biggest thing we will see is what truck -- trump proposed in his budget, cutting nondiscretionary funding and putting it into defense. that includes things that congress does not like to see
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cut. 30% cut to the state department. a cut to the epa that democrats will not like certainly. really, all the agencies that the government has in washington would be cut significantly. that is the kind of thing that members of congress are having to decide if they want to do are not. >> we are talking about fights left right and center potentially? >> yes, potentially. has been calling this whole budget process be responsible. where are we in the process? >> what is funny is that normally you have to have a budget cap said first -- set first where they have a limit on how much they can spend first. what is interesting is that the nancy pelosi quote was about the fact they started appropriating with one built in the house even
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though they do not have a topline number. it is basically saying like we have a pie to divide up, but we do not know how big the pie is. that is what she is criticizing them about. how are you going to go about doing this when you do not even know how much you have to offer up? >> we will continue to follow you on the thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. journaln's washington live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. this morning, university of virginia historian will talk about the anniversary of the watergate break-in and its impact on american politics. we then discuss the future of u.s. cuba policies under the trump administration. then, popular mechanics contributing editor reports on the air forces' new weapon,
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disposable drones. be sure to watch "washington journal." join in the discussion. takes both tv and american history tv to new york where we explore the history and miller terry -- and literary life that has become synonymous with frequent roosevelt, eleanor roosevelt -- with franklin roosevelt, eleanor roosevelt, and the entire roosevelt family. we will talk with the grand child of franklin roosevelt about his memoir. >> it is really not until my grandmother's funeral that i realized she was really special person. she was something of a celebrity.
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we never thought of her in that way. we never viewed my grandmother -- she was only a grandmother to us. that is all she ever wanted to be. >>, then we speak with tony russo about his novel. >> i found letters in his hand credited stamp collecting with saving his life after he became ill and ended up being confined to a wheelchair. >> on sunday, we tour the fdr residential library. librarye first national in the archive -- it is the first library to be put into the national archive system. >> he was looking for a way to preserve his administration and personal papers. he created a library on the
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grounds of hyde park, new york. he decided to raise private money to build the library, and then he gave it to the government to be operated by the national archives. touru can watch the city starting at noon today. working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> sunday on q&a. >> he is very deeply committed to prevent -- to presenting the story. i think that is very different from history. >> we speak with pulitzer prize-winning author david garo on his book about president obama's life up to winning the presidency. >> i think his political aspirations and sense of destiny
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led him to push her aside. during that time, there was a well-known lyrical figure in man.go, a hugely respected he is a man that everyone in black chicago believes cannot go higher, because he is married to a white woman. so, in the early 1990's in chicago, for a black man to aspire to represent black chicago, it is necessary to have a black spouse. >> that will be sunday night on c-span's q&a. >> president trump visited miami to announce changes to u.s. policy on cuba. that includes restrictions for tourists. we will hear from several senators as well.


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